About Susan

My name is Susan Schaffer I have a master’s degree in rehabilitation and happen to have a congenital physical disability. I never walked so I learned to manage things my way.  I believe two things– 1) Education and empowerment are the keys to full integration. 2) There should be no limitations to getting my help since we all have common threads regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, age, issue, finances, etc. My programs are free but donations are welcome.

About Susan

About Infobility

  • Educating Community on Disability Awareness
    • Craft/Resource fairs (Lancaster, York, Harrisburg)
    • Inspirational/Educational Programs (schools, workshops, etc.)
  • Empowering Consumers with Disabilities
    • Tenacity of Hope (coping with your disability- thought provoking questions)
    • Vocational Venues (employment skills- interviews, applications, etc.)
  • Get involved
    • Ask a question
    • Tell your story
    • Book a program
    • Include us in your event
    • We’ll include you at our event

Contact Sue Schaffer 13suewheels@gmail.com

About Infobility